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When it comes to employment law, we have a singular interest, representing Alberta employees who have been fired, terminated, laid off or quit their job, typically from medium and large corporate employers. For in our professional estimation, too many Alberta employers are undercutting their employees and failing to adhere to the Alberta Employment Standards Code and applicable case law, such that we are looking to correct this injustice, and all too frequently we are also advancing the case for their work colleagues given the corporate-wide prevalence of these improper employment practices. We have developed a unique approach for dealing with termination and severance pay packages that is directed at overcoming the weaknesses associated with the all too common "standard" approach to pursuing increased termination and severance pay-outs (where the facts are capable of working in your favour).

When you go against these medium to large corporations and pursue significant money that they clearly don't want to willingly relinquish, you had better have an innovative and strategic approach that has a high likelihood of success, otherwise you are going to be sorely disappointed in the outcome. And that demands something more than simply relying upon long-established legal jurisprudence, especially when facing off against national and international corporations and their high-priced law firms, who are extremely familiar with a decades old approach. Instead, you need something that forces these corporate executives and their lawyers to the negotiating table or enables you to make this a truly costly process for their refusal to deal with yourself. That is what we are constantly striving to achieve, where we're capable of identifying those facts that can be deployed to your legal advantage, yet are apparently overlooked by most corporate executives and their employment lawyers.

However, the facts and circumstances of your particular employment situation are absolutely critical to whether or not our distinct approach has the potential for success. For that very reason, we will undertake a free review and advise yourself as to whether or not the particular facts and circumstances related to your job loss and the termination and severance pay offer are appropriate for our strategy, as well as whether or not you qualify for our contingency fee payment arrangement.

So if you're looking for a lawyer to provide a distinct approach to reviewing and pursuing an increased termination and severance pay-out, or your looking for a second opinion, do not hesitate to contact Christopher Neufeld at Chris@NeufeldLegal.com or 403-400-4092.

* If you've recently accepted a termination and severance pay package, and only now are you realizing that you may have taken considerably less than what you deserved, we may still be able to assist you. Even if its been years since you lost that particular job and you are now questioning whether or not you might owed money from your former boss, contact us to see what options might be available to yourself, given that the Alberta Employment Standards Code does provide some very significant employee pay protections that not only most Alberta employees, but apparently most Alberta employment lawyers, are unaware of.

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