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Anti-Slavery Report Filing

May 23, 2024 [reporting, corporate law, business law]

May 31st Deadline for Filing Business’ Report on Forced Labour and Child Labour in Canadian Company’s Supply Chain

If your Canadian business meets the following criteria, it is legally obligated to file by May 31, 2024, a report on its actions with respect to Forced Labour and Child Labour in its supply chain ... continue reading


What is an Amalgamation and the Need for its Strict Application

May 17, 2024 [corporate law, business law]

The misappropriation of the legal parameters of an amalgamation are such that lawyers seek to misrepresent a post-amalgamation corporation for something that it is not, in an effort to achieve an outcome that is not legally permissible, yet may achieve their corporate client’s preferred outcome. Nevertheless, the legislative statutes do provide considerable precision as to the legal effects of amalgamation, which have been further clarified by the Supreme Court of Canada. ... continue reading


Walmart Layoffs, Relocations and Employee Action

May 15, 2024 [employment law, layoffs, job relocation, severance pay]

What is the employee impact arising from Walmart's relocation and layoff initiative and what actions should employees consider? Even if you've acted, there might be more to consider! As an employee lawyer who looks at aspects of employment arrangements and employee layoffs from an angle that most other lawyers would appear to either overlook or not be interested in investigating, the recent announcement of substantial layoffs by Walmart at the corporate level was particularly intriguing.. ... continue reading


Tax Alert: Capital Gains Tax Changes 2024 [major inclusion rate increase]

April 19, 2024 [taxes, corporate law]

The Canadian federal government has indicated in its federal budget for 2024 that effective as of June 25, 2024, the inclusion rate for capital gains tax will be increased. With respect to individual taxpayers, the inclusion rate of 50% of capital gains will continue on the first $250,000 of capital gains, while all gains above the $250,000 threshold will be subject to a Two-Thirds inclusion rate (being 66.666%). ... continue reading