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With the immense pressures that are constantly being imposed upon today's businesses, it is imperative that the appropriate professional support be leveraged to your business' advantage. Essential to leveraging your business' potential, is retaining the legal counsel of the right business lawyer, capable of providing your business with decisive corporate-commercial legal advice and strategic direction.

Attaining insightful legal advice tends to be crucial to making accurate and impactful business decisions, which advance your business over the long-term; as opposed to jeopardizing its growth and development, with short-sighted decisions that fail to recognize prospective legal consequences. Given the importance of many fundamental business decisions, in addition to the institution of operational mandates, the significance of experienced and knowledgeable legal counsel that assesses the strategic avenues for pursuit, is essential to a business' success.

Providing corporate-commercial legal advice and strategic direction to business enterprises, is a central focus of lawyer Christopher Neufeld's legal practice. To advance your business' initiatives, contact Neufeld Legal P.C. at or 403-400-4092 / 905-616-8864.


Our employee law practice is focused exclusively upon termination & severance pay, including the recovery of statutory back pay, which is undertaken through negotiations and court litigation, including class action lawsuits. Unfortunately, it would appear that far too many Alberta employees are not being paid in accordance with the specific requirements of the Alberta Employment Standards Code, and apparently no other lawyer has sought to aggressively seek the rectification of these underpayments, such that I have effectively taken it upon myself to pursue legally appropriate employee payments when those employees have lost their job. And as a result of not deferring to the standard approach of most other employment lawyers, I believe that our approach can realize considerably more for those employees that have been fired, terminated, laid off or even voluntary quit their job. You can contact myself in strict confidence at either or 403-400-4092.

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